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Does France suck or "The French, Sir, are tricky, really tricky."

Have we all read the translation of the recording with Saddam in a meeting with his generals?

Very interesting how they admit to having 'thousands of tons' of WMD along with undisclosed WMD activities.
I also thought this stuff interesting.

    On sympathy, Lt Gen Amir says that they do not want to reply. The French companies, which we are negotiating with now on precious contracts, are nervous. They did not come to us and we were annoyed. They express their desire on every subject, but in a nervous manner. This did not begin today. We began with them, Sir, since the first days after the aggression. After the anarchy, we established a link with the French. Up to this day we have not witnessed the slightest change among the French.

    What Mr Tariq said about the French is correct. But he also said other things, which were discussed by Ekeus. Ekeus is not a good man in the Security Council. You say, what made you think that the Iraqi Army did not do this or that?

    The French Ambassador in the Security Council said that. Sir, we are not impressed that he made that statement. The French, Sir, are tricky, really tricky.

    [Izzat Ibrahim al-Duri] I also said at that session that we must find another way to deal with not America but our friends first. We called them friends although they were not friends in the true sense of the word. They were produced by a conflict of interests in the international arena or a conflict between their interests and the interests of America and its allies. This is what made them stand by our side the way they are standing now. Now they have large interests. I mean all the countries standing by our side whether they are permanent or nonpermanent members [of the UN Security Council].

    They accurately balance their loss and profit by escalating or decreasing their anti-US position. However, we have still not invested in this situation. I mean we have not tested our friends to see how far they would go in supporting us while serving their interests, that is, to what extent they would stand against America in defending their interests with regard to the issue of the embargo imposed on Iraq. We have not tested them. We are dealing with them with the same sensitivity with which we are dealing with America, our basic and major enemy.

    The transformation took place more than a year ago. It was a large transformation in the position of France, Russia, China, and other known countries which are now at the Security Council. These are Brazil, Nigeria, Indonesia, and even the other countries comrade Tariq mentioned like Germany and Italy.

There is a lot of good stuff in there, go read it!
"Bring us tea and milk." exclaims Saddam. :P

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Does France suck or are they tricky?

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