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Battlestar galactica

Hello! I have some questions. Recently, watching the TV, I discovered a strange TV programm named Battlestar Galactica. I watched two or three episodes and I was amazed and a ltlle bit lost. The humans semm to be fanatic, dressed in black uniforms, like SS officers; A character who seems to be a heroe (perhaps I do a mistake) and named Starbuck is a lovely girl but, in the episode I watched, was torturing an ennemy (a Cylon) with water (putting the head of the guy in water to obtain answers). For us, europeans, this torture is very well known because it was one of the favorite torture of the Gestapo during the Nazi occupation. So, my questions are:
In this program, who are the bad guys? Humans or Cylons?
Perhaps the humans and the Cylons learn to live together in the future episodes?
Is this programm popular in the USA?
Thank you for your comments.
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