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About this blog

Hello (from france, you know..) It is curious.One day, I read France is anti muslim. The day after, France is antisemit..I wonder if those who write these things know really what is France and French people. Policy is a reality, of course, but policy is not all the life (except for the marxists..LOL. So, I suggets you all read again the purpose of this community :

"This community is for Americans and other individuals who are upset over current French policy and sentiment where it pertains to the United States.

This community is not for bashing the French people as a whole, as there are a handful of Frenchmen and women who support the U.S.. The purpose of this community is to express your displeasure over the current leadership of the nation and their awkward stance on foreign policy.

France, under the leadership of Jacques Chirac, under the thumb of the United Nations and under attack from fundamentalist Islam, can no longer be considered an ally of the United States. This will not change until the people of France reclaim their country.

The creators of this community are angry at the actions of both the French governemnt and the French people. We will not forget their shortsightedness in refusing to aid our great land as we fight a war on terrorism in the wake of 9/11, and we will forgive only once France admits the error of it's ways."

We can joke, debate about policy, etc. We all are allowed to not be totally honnest...of course...But when hate appears, when dangerous fanatics come and spit their venom like snakes, we all are in danger.
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