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Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

Subject:Hi folks
Posted by:morny.
Time:3:18 am.
And have you some news from iraq ?
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Sunday, July 23rd, 2006

Subject:0WN3D again...
Posted by:dlombard.
Time:10:10 am.
Floyd Landis becomes third American to win at the Tour De France.
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Sunday, July 16th, 2006

Subject:To Snailly
Posted by:morny.
Time:11:51 am.
You perhaps know this. It is a good resume of what the Worldthink about USA. Of course...It comes from a french TV Programm. I am sorry.
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Saturday, July 1st, 2006

Subject:Dealing with the troll
Posted by:obeyjustin.
Time:8:52 pm.
For some reason, I, the creator of this community (going back to 2003 under another handle), no longer have maintainer access. I will talk to sport6449 about this soon (probably in person; we're practically neighbors), and as soon that happens, ziff16 will be banned. His/her/its type of trolling will not be tolerated. If you haven't figured it out on your own yet, the links are to pages containing computer-damaging scripts and possibly viruses. To the left's endless chagrin, George W. Bush is alive, well, and still in charge of the greatest and most powerful nation in the world.

Oh, and go Portugal.
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Wednesday, June 21st, 2006

Subject:Don't know if this was posted here before...
Posted by:mrsfruitcat.
Time:7:51 pm.
A long time ago, Britain and France were at war. During one battle, the French captured a British officer. The French took the officer to their headquarters, where the French general began to question him.

The French general asked, "Why do you British officers all wear red coats? Don't you know the red makes you easier targets for us to shoot at?" So the British officer told the French general "British officers wear red coats so that if we are shot, the blood won't show and the men we are leading won't panic."

And so, from that day forward, all French Army officers began to wear brown pants.
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Thursday, May 4th, 2006

Subject:Why, so France can't kill him, too?
Posted by:obeyjustin.
Time:9:01 pm.
France has never met an Islamofascist it didn't love, so it's no wonder that Jacques Chirac is running to Zacarias Moussaoui's rescue. I don't buy Zackie's ruse for a split second; he may be shouting "America lost," but keep in mind, this is a guy who thrives on hatred. Rage over his sentence if you must, but keep in mind, this is someone who wanted to die, and he's not getting his way. Deep down, you're looking at a sick, sadistic man who is crestfallen over the fact that he no longer has the opportunity to be a martyr. Now he'll rot in prison, and if there's any justice in this world, he'll live to be a bitter, sickly old man, alone with nothing but his own anger and failure. Lethal injection is way too good for this man. Suffer, you son of a bitch.
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Sunday, April 9th, 2006

Subject:Frog brats to France: Repeal labor law or else
Posted by:obeyjustin.
Time:10:48 pm.
Or else what, you won't bathe for another month? I'm, as usual, disappointed in France. The worst part is that for at least a day or two, Chirac and the police force were dealing with these punks in the proper method: with firehoses and clubs. What happened there, Francois? You're spineless, that's what, and you need to stand up to these spoiled brats and greedy socialists.
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Tuesday, March 28th, 2006

Subject:France riots, again
Posted by:obeyjustin.
Time:1:32 pm.
Ahh, the consequences of confiscating the self-endowed priviledges of the spoiled brats of socialism...
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Tuesday, March 21st, 2006

Subject:The perils of French socialism
Posted by:obeyjustin.
Time:8:30 pm.
You mean companies are just now getting the right to fire people under age 26? Unbelievable. No wonder France is such a wreck, with asinine laws like that on the books. God forbid you have to work your way up the ladder. And of course, the angry youths are rioting. Careful you don't incite the Muslims again, Jacques... they barely need an excuse to start torching buildings and slitting throats.

(HT: darthbeckman)
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Sunday, March 19th, 2006

Subject:Does France suck or "The French, Sir, are tricky, really tricky."
Posted by:justgoto.
Time:6:21 am.
Have we all read the translation of the recording with Saddam in a meeting with his generals?

Very interesting how they admit to having 'thousands of tons' of WMD along with undisclosed WMD activities.
I also thought this stuff interesting.

    On sympathy, Lt Gen Amir says that they do not want to reply. The French companies, which we are negotiating with now on precious contracts, are nervous. They did not come to us and we were annoyed. They express their desire on every subject, but in a nervous manner. This did not begin today. We began with them, Sir, since the first days after the aggression. After the anarchy, we established a link with the French. Up to this day we have not witnessed the slightest change among the French.

Read more...Collapse )
There is a lot of good stuff in there, go read it!
"Bring us tea and milk." exclaims Saddam. :P

Poll #693841 Does France suck?

Does France suck or are they tricky?

France sucks!
France is tricky.
France is very tricky!
France is tricky, which is why they suck.
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Thursday, February 23rd, 2006

Subject:Is it true?
Posted by:morny.
Time:3:03 am.
I read today that 2 millions of americans are in jail. If I compare with France (we have 50,000 prisoners) we should have 500,000 prisoners! It is crazy if it is true. Have you some informations about this subject?
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Monday, February 6th, 2006

Subject:Battlestar galactica
Posted by:morny.
Time:2:38 pm.
Hello! I have some questions. Recently, watching the TV, I discovered a strange TV programm named Battlestar Galactica. I watched two or three episodes and I was amazed and a ltlle bit lost. The humans semm to be fanatic, dressed in black uniforms, like SS officers; A character who seems to be a heroe (perhaps I do a mistake) and named Starbuck is a lovely girl but, in the episode I watched, was torturing an ennemy (a Cylon) with water (putting the head of the guy in water to obtain answers). For us, europeans, this torture is very well known because it was one of the favorite torture of the Gestapo during the Nazi occupation. So, my questions are:
In this program, who are the bad guys? Humans or Cylons?
Perhaps the humans and the Cylons learn to live together in the future episodes?
Is this programm popular in the USA?
Thank you for your comments.
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Monday, January 23rd, 2006

Posted by:bull.
Time:4:26 pm.
When an episode of Walker Texas Ranger was aired in France, the French surrendered to Chuck Norris just to be on the safe side.
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Friday, January 20th, 2006

Subject:From the NY Post
Posted by:mrsfruitcat.
Time:5:28 pm.
Image hosting by Photobucket

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Monday, January 2nd, 2006

Subject:French way of life
Posted by:morny.
Time:5:11 pm.
For my dear Snaillie : http://www.escargot-montorgueil.com/
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Monday, December 12th, 2005

Posted by:mmmmjournal.
Time:12:52 pm.
morny is clearly a troll. Mods?
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Posted by:morny.
Time:12:53 am.
The more everybody on earth can see the obviousness of the mistake of the war in Iraq, the less you write here. Hey! Wake up, conservative fellows!
Other subject: Obviously, we have not the same culture. Perhaps you know that December 2 was the commemoration of the battle of Austerlitz( dec.2 1805). For this great french victory (against Austria and Russia) thousands of strange people from all the world (russians, americans, germans, australians (!!!), dressed in XIXth century uniforms played the battle. The Czech Republic edited a stamp with the face of Napoleon. In France, we had no ceremony (just a little and discret thing at the Invalides Palace). Absolutly nothing because we are ashamed because the hundreds of thousands of death caused in Europa by Napoleonic wars. On an other hand, a few weeks ago, when England celebrated the Battle of trafalgar (where the French Fleat of Amiral de Villeneuve was defaited by Lord nelson), the French Governement sent the French Fleat to celebrate this great day with our english friends.... We, French, are a strange people...LOL
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Tuesday, December 6th, 2005

Posted by:owtkast023.
Time:2:43 am.
Thought I'd share an email I got from my friend currently stationed in Iraq.Collapse )
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Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005

Subject:About this blog
Posted by:morny.
Time:1:39 am.
Hello (from france, you know..) It is curious.One day, I read France is anti muslim. The day after, France is antisemit..I wonder if those who write these things know really what is France and French people. Policy is a reality, of course, but policy is not all the life (except for the marxists..LOL. So, I suggets you all read again the purpose of this community :

"This community is for Americans and other individuals who are upset over current French policy and sentiment where it pertains to the United States.

This community is not for bashing the French people as a whole, as there are a handful of Frenchmen and women who support the U.S.. The purpose of this community is to express your displeasure over the current leadership of the nation and their awkward stance on foreign policy.

France, under the leadership of Jacques Chirac, under the thumb of the United Nations and under attack from fundamentalist Islam, can no longer be considered an ally of the United States. This will not change until the people of France reclaim their country.

The creators of this community are angry at the actions of both the French governemnt and the French people. We will not forget their shortsightedness in refusing to aid our great land as we fight a war on terrorism in the wake of 9/11, and we will forgive only once France admits the error of it's ways."

We can joke, debate about policy, etc. We all are allowed to not be totally honnest...of course...But when hate appears, when dangerous fanatics come and spit their venom like snakes, we all are in danger.
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Friday, November 11th, 2005

Subject:Disassociated Press
Posted by:dessieoctavia.
Time:8:35 pm.
Someone forwarded this to me. Feel free to gack.

President Bush has authorized the Joint Chiefs to begin drawing up a battle plan to pull France's ass out of the fire again. Facing an apparent overwhelming force of up to 400 pissed off teenagers Mr. Bush doubts France's ability to hold off the little piss ants. "Hell, if the last two world wars are any indication, I would expect France to surrender any day now", said Bush.

Joint Chiefs head, Gen. Peter Pace, warned the President that it might be necessary to send up to 5 Marines to get things under control. The general admitted that 5 Marines may be overkill but he wanted to get this thing under control within 24 hours of arriving on scene. He stated he was having a hard time finding even one Marine to help those ungrateful bastards out for a third time but thought that he could persuade a few Women Marines to do the job before they went on pregnancy leave.

President Bush asked Gen. Pace to get our Marines out of there as soon as possible after order was restored. He also reminded Gen. Pace to make sure the Marines did not take soap, razors, or deodorant with them. The less they stand out the better.
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